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Make money every time a person needs an inkjet or toner cartridge!

Think of how many people and businesses own computers...   Nearly all of these computers are connected to at least 1 printer (if not 2 or 3).

Printer supplies are something that individuals and businesses NEED.  Inkjet and Toner cartridges are not luxury items, but office supplies required in the course of daily operation.  

And better yet... these items are consumables!

These items will eventually run out and will need to be replaced over, and over again. As an affiliate, you can earn a hefty commission every time someone needs more ink or toner for their printer!

Manufacturers have created a price war, and YOU can benefit

In fierce competition for the consumer printer market, many brand new color inkjet printers are now selling for below the $50 price level. These are quality printers by HP, Lexmark, Canon and others with very high print quality.

Their printers are cheap, but they sure use a lot of ink! Their goal is to get you to commit to their machine and then sell you expensive supplies for that machine. Manufacturers generally charge about $30-40 dollars for a new inkjet cartridge and $90-250 dollars or more for a new laser toner cartridge. This is where they make their REAL money.

An opportunity is created!

The manufacturers have created an opportunity for the Remanufactured & Compatible inkjet and toner industry. Now, people have the option of purchasing a brand new Compatible or Remanufactured cartridge at a drastic savings.

Compatible cartridges are new cartridges, but are simply a generic version of the original, made by a different manufacturer. High quality, and very dependable.

Empty cartridges with printheads can be remanufactured (recycled, cleaned, filled, tested & resold) and the costs associated with this process are relatively low. In fact, MUCH lower than a new cartridge for 2 simple reasons.

  1. First, the cartridge body (with electronics) does not have to be manufactured again -- just cleaned, refilled and tested.
  2. Second, an inkjet remanufacturer does not have to overcharge to recoup the cheap price of the printer (loss-leader).

Help people save money on items they need, AND earn a commission!

  1. Ink and Toner is something individuals and businesses require.  Printers WILL run out of ink and WILL need a replacement supply. Not only once, but EVERY time they run out of ink. The more people print, the more cartridges they need.
  2. People are always looking for ways to save money.  The savings on printer cartridges aren't just a couple of dollars -- it can be a $10-20 dollar savings for EACH cartridge. This money adds up quickly, especially for individuals and businesses who use their printers a lot.
  3. This industry has residual potential.  Since printer cartridges are consumable items, once you satisfy a customer, they will continue to purchase from you every time they need more supplies.
  4. Digital printing is a growing market!  With the improved quality and performance of digital cameras and home printers, more and more people are now printing their own photos at home. Photo printing uses a lot of ink, so consumers are going through their printer ink supplies quicker than before.

All of these reasons work together to create an opportunity for you to make money.


Affiliate payments sent by Paypal As an ASAP Inkjets affiliate, you simply refer prospects to us (through your special tracking link) and when they make a purchase -- You'll earn a 20% commission!

That's it... We handle all of the selling, order fulfillment, and customer service. You just sit back and wait for your monthly commission check.

NEW UPDATE:  Powerful 2-Tier Commission Structure Added!

Not only do we offer a 20% commission on all of the sales you send us, but we now offer a 5% commission 2nd tier with our affiliate program.

What does this mean?

This means that if any other webmaster sees your ad, and signs up as an ASAP Inkjets affiliate through one of your referral links, you will also earn a 5% residual commission on their gross sales!

Of course they will still earn their regular 20% commission just like you, but as your reward for sending them to us -- we'll give you a 5% commission on all of the sales they generate. Think of it as being similar to what a Sales Manager might get for all of his salespeople in the field.

Trust us, this can really add up BIG over time!  You could be receiving commissions today from a webmaster who signed up years ago.

Our Affiliate Resource Center will help you succeed

Our success depends on YOUR success. That's why we've put together an entire Resource Center to help you with your affiliate marketing efforts.

The affiliate resource center contains a bounty of text links, graphics, and some tips for increasing your sales. We'll also be updating the center with more ads, articles, tips and other resources as we go.

Ok, now lets get into some details...

Our website currently has one of the highest conversion rates in the printer cartridge industry. In fact, for targeted traffic our website consistently averages around a 5-8% conversion rate. (visits-to-sales)

Keep in mind that most of our customers order multiple cartridges at a time, and your 20% commission is on the entire order.  Our average sale is about $40 to $50, so you'd average about $8 to $10 commission per sale.  (additional details found on our Affiliate Program FAQ page)


Not only is the money good, but we are a company you can be proud of. Take a look at our 10+ pages of customer testimonials.  We give our our customers a good value and take care of them after the sale. We are a company that you can feel confident about recommending to your visitors.

Free to join, and sign-up is easy.

Sign up now and start making some money! This will be a great additional income stream from your website traffic. Again, it's totally free to join, and you can be up and running in about 5 minutes.

Think about it... Everyone on the internet is already using a computer. Most computers have at least 1 printer attached, and will always be needing to buy more printer cartridges! Your opportunity for making money is everywhere!

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