Uncovering the Dell Printer Monopoly

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Now, onto our featured article. This month's topic talks about the "Dell Printer Monopoly". It's a good read...

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FEATURE ARTICLE: Uncovering the Dell Printer Monopoly

If you own a Dell inkjet printer and you actually love it, I can only think of 3 reasons for your answer: Either you work for the company, you rarely use your printer, or you haven't owned another printer previously.

Those of you who work for Dell or rarely use your printer (less than 3 cartridges a year), you are excused from this article and have no need to read any further.

For all of those who have never owned another inkjet printer or had to buy the supplies, lend me your ears´┐Ż

Dell has developed a master planned strategy to force their printer owners into paying TOP DOLLAR for replacement supplies, while at the same time creating barriers that prevent competition from resellers and cartridge recycling companies. (To ensure their top dollar prices live on)

So far, it has worked very well for them.

The first part of this strategy is to make sure that they are the ONLY source available to purchase replacement supplies. You cannot currently purchase a new Dell brand printer cartridge from any office supply store. They are only available directly from Dell

Although Dell touts its reorder system as being a simple way to get supplies, most people find it annoying and inconvenient at best.

The company's press release states that this reorder system "simplifies the purchasing process..." by proactively prompting users to order replacement cartridges.

What it actually does, is proactively "nag" a user to order ink every time they print something. There is no way for a user to turn off these nagging messages.

Remanufactured cartridges can offer a slight alternative, but Dell is fighting that as well.

Our company has sold remanufactured Dell cartridges (recycled and refilled) for a few years now. A couple of earlier Dell cartridges are able to be refilled quite successfully like the T0529 and T0530, however newer model inkjet cartridges such as the M4640 (R5956) and M4646 (R5974) have proven to be unreliable when recycled and refilled. This is no accident.

As Dell has progressed, they have learned that making it harder for recycling companies to refill their empty cartridges helps keep competition away.

These days, many Dell cartridges are engineered to be "one-time use" cartridges, unlike other brands with built-in print heads such as HP. They specifically design their cartridges to fail if used more than once. This helps to assure that Dell retains nearly all of the consumable supplies business of the unfortunate people who own their inkjet printers.

Every company we have tested, that has attempted to remanufacture Dell cartridges, experiences roughly a 20% failure rate. Our company has actually stopped selling the newer model because the quality was unacceptable (even though we have a waiting list of customers eager to buy them).

To make matters worse, Dell has a team of lawyers sending intimidating letters in an attempt to scare companies away from selling remanufactured Dell cartridges. I doubt many companies have enough resources to try to go head to head with such a giant in a legal fight.

Competition is good for the consumer because it lowers prices, but Dell of course doesn't want competition. Increased competition would mean an end to their extremely high priced supplies cash stream.

Only Dell themselves currently sell new OEM cartridges. No discounts are even available for buying in volume, so the distribution channel stops right there.

With their legal team attacking the small amount of competition they currently have (recyclers and remanufactured cartridge sellers), there is no reason yet to charge lower prices.

The most shocking thing to me, is that most people do not even realize how much more they are spending on replacement ink cartridges for their Dell printers in comparison to other brands that are out there.

Unless you are comfortable paying more per page for the same printed material, I would recommend turning your Dell inkjet printer in for recycling and buying a different brand of printer.

If you would like to hear some other colorful stories about the reorder process or the satisfaction of Dell printer customers, you can click on the link below from ConsumerAffairs.com:


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