Jetpak Professional Refilling Service

Recycle & Reuse your empty cartridges to save big money!

Would you throw out a flashlight just because the batteries were dead?
Of course not, you would simply replace the batteries.

It can be the same way with inkjet cartridges. The electronic components on an empty inkjet cartridge are usually still in perfect working order, it just needs more ink. That's where the Jetpak prepaid mailer service comes in.

Jetpak prepaid mailers are an outstanding way to recycle and reuse your inkjet cartridges over and over many times. Saving you money, and helping the environment by reducing landfill waste.

   Jetpak Super Saver

for BLACK cartridges only

     Jetpak Standard

for COLOR or BLACK cartridges

Here's how Jetpaks work -- Easy as 1-2-3

  1. We sell you a Jetpak Prepaid Mailer kit (and mail it to you). When your current inkjet cartridge runs out, you simply place your empty cartridge in the mailer, complete the return address label, and pop it in the mail. No postage is required on your part because it is already pre-paid by Jetpak.
  2. When the prepaid mailer containing your empty cartridge is received by Jetpak, it will be cleaned and refilled with the finest inks made especially for your cartridge type. The cartridge will then be tested to ensure quality and returned directly to the name on the return address label -- typically within 24 hours.
  3. You receive the recycled cartridge shortly thereafter and use it until its ready to be refilled again. It's That Easy.

Use the dropdown boxes to the left to find out which cartridges are covered by Jetpak prepaid mailers.

Already sent in a Jetpak?

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Jetpak Type Single 3-pack 6-pack value!
Jetpak Super Saver (for Black only)
Jetpak Standard (for Color or Black)
Jetpak Combo (1 Standard & 1 SuperSaver)
Jetpak 1200 Inkjet Mailer - we refill your 12 cartridges (black or color)
Jetpak 600 Inkjet Mailer - we refill your 6 cartridges (black or color)