Specialty Paper and Media Products

Premium Heavyweight Ultra-Glossy Photo Paper

For photo-like quality pictures from your inkjet printer!

Premium Ultra Glossy
Photo Paper

For use with all inkjet printers.

One of the greatest things about having a color printer is being able to use it to print out high quality pictures!

  1. Low cost per sheet -- (Good value for the price!)
  2. Premium Heavy Weight / Photo Grade / 96+ Brightness
  3. Ultra Glossy Finish & Photo weight creates look and feel of an actual photograph
  4. Instant dry after printing & Smudgeproof
  5. Smudge proof -- Moisture won't cause ink to run or smear
  6. Ideal for photographs, color reproductions, photo albums, report covers, color presentations &more!
This quality ultra glossy, heavyweight paper allows you to acheive a professional look to your printed pictures. Your pictures will look as if they came from a photo lab.

Premium glossy paper for vibrant, life-like color images you can't tell from the original.

 Single3-pack6-pack value!
Ultra Glossy Photo Paper (8.5" x 11")
       -- 20 standard sheets per pack
Ultra Glossy Photo Paper (4" x 6")
       -- 20 print-sized sheets per pack
Glossy 9mil Photo Printer Paper (50pcs / pack)
Glossy Photo Paper (100 sheets / pack)
       -- Colorfast Technology Glossy Photo
Postcard size Colorfast Technology Photo Paper
       -- (25 sheets per pack)

Photo Quality Ink Jet T-Shirt Transfer Sheets

Create your own custom T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Aprons & more!

Photo Quality T-Shirt Transfers

For use with all inkjet printers.

A fun way to create original designs using your favorite software and a household iron.

  1. Iron onto any cotton or cotton/poly blend fabric
  2. Specially coated to hold colors and adhere to fabric
  3. Easy to follow instructions included
  4. For use in ALL inkjet printers
Simply create your design, print it out on a sheet of this special transfer paper, and then iron it on. An easy and fun way to get creative and show off your message to friends, family or customers.
For Hats, T-shirts & more custom printed with anything you can imagine.
 Single3-pack6-pack value!
Inkjet T-Shirt Transfer Sheets (8.5" x 11")
       -- 10 transfers per pack