Top 10 Question-Answers Containing Solutions for Some Specific Printer Issues

Printers Problems

Here, I have mentioned some specific printer issues with their solutions in this article. I hope you will find the right answer for your query.

1. Problem-:
HP 970xl / HP 971xl chip recognition issue - chip update

Solution-: HP recently has released new firmware which is used with the HP Officejet Pro X451dn/X551dw/X476dn/X576dw printers. New firmware will make current printers not able to recognize third party cartridges with compatible chips. You will have to use HP Genuine cartridges once you upgrade your current firmware. All HP Officejet Pro X451dn/X551dw/X476dn/X576dw sold after Dec. 2014 will not accept current third party cartridges with compatible chips in the market.

2. Problem-:
HP Laserjet 4200, 4250, 4300, and 4350 error: 10.00.00 Supplies Memory Error or "non HP cartridge" detected

Solution-: We have investigated this with the manufacturer, and there are some reports about a firmware update that causes these error messages on some printers only when the printer is powered off, or if the lid is opened for a replacement cartridge. As long as you override the error message by pressing and holding the green "check" button, and as long as you leave the printer on, there should be no error messages after that until it comes time to replace the cartridge. Unfortunately this is the only workaround.

3. Question-:
Why does your CIS system use Dye ink when my original cartridges are pigment?

Answer-: For most of our CIS we sell them with UV dye ink because the color gamut is much better, it's brighter and this avoid clogging issues if your not a heavy user. UV dye is a dye based ink, that is enhanced with UV inhibitors, so it is not your "common" dye ink. Pigment ink dries faster on printheads if the printer is not used often. Since this is a continuous ink system, UV dye ink is better for quality in the long run than pigment. This Continuous ink system will work with your printer the same way as if you were using the OEM pigment ink, by using UV Dye inks you will have significantly less risk for clogging issues than if you use pigment ink.

4. Question-:
Why My TONER cartridge is not printing well after I refill it ?

Answer-: This answer pertains to any PRINT QUALITY ISSUES with toner cartridges after they have been refilled: Although almost all customers are satisfied with the quality of their cartridge after they refill it, the print quality depends on the condition of the cartridge and the level of usage / wear and tear of the cartridge. Quality is always going to be best when you refill an Original brand cartridge or a professionally remanufactured cartridge (that has gone through only 1 life cycle). Refilling a non-original brand cartridge (such as a compatible brand, or a cartridge which has been refilled multiple times) will have a much higher rate of cartridge wear and tear, and therefore lower quality prints. For these reasons we also do not recommend more than 1-2 refills on the same cartridge. Please note that even original brand cartridges can wear out early, but they will perform on average much better than non-original or multiple-refilled cartridges. You can see more info about this here.

5. Question-: How to reset Brother TN210 toner cartridges / printers

Answer-: Follow Below Instructions
      1. Open the front cover.
      2. Press and hold Secure Print and Cancel at the same time. You will see "K-TNR-STD" display on the screen.
      3. Using the + and - buttons select the toner you want to reset.
      4. Press the Ok button.
      5. It will display Ok? and hit the Ok button again to reset the toner.
      6. Close the lid.

6. Quesation-: How to reset low-toner message on some Brother MFC printers

Answer-: Brother MFC printers to misread both, the OEM as well as compatible laser toner cartridges. Itís an uncomplicated solution to reset the low toner messages and therefore get your trusty old printer up and operating just as before. Follow these steps for easy instructions.
      1. On the printer, open the front toner compartment door.
      2. The Printer display will read, Front cover open/
      3. Press the Clear button.
      4. Printer will beep and the display should read, Replace Drum?
      5. This is the tricky part, ignore the replace drum instructions. Instead on the keypad type in.
      6. Display should read, Accepted.
      7. Close the toner access door, the printer will initialize and be reset.

7. Problem-: How to perform a hard restart on a printer

      1. Remove all cartridges from the printer.
      2. Shut down the printer after cartridges are removed.
      3. Unplug the printer's power cord and USB cord.
      4. Wait 10 minutes before plugging anything back in.
      5. After the step above, plug the printer back in and start it up.
      6. Install the cartridges back into the printer.
      7. Reboot the printer once more (unplugging is not required).

8.Question-: What does page yield mean?

Answer-: Printer manufacturers define page yield for a cartridge to be the number of pages you can expect to print with that cartridge, assuming a page surface area print of 5%. Of course, the more data on the page that you print (text and/or images), the higher the surface area covered with print, and the lower the actual page yield.

9. Question-: InkFlatables: what printers do they work in?

  • A4 size Inkflatables work in ALL inkjet printers.
  • We have 2 sizes: A4 and A3+

  • A4 fit in all inkjet prinyters
  • A3+ fit only in wide format printers

10. Problem-: HP 920 / HP 940 cartridges not printing well

Solution-: If you have a compatible / remanufactured HP 920 / HP 940 ink cartridge and it is not printing well (colors are not coming out well, lines on the page etc), you may need to check that the "breather holes" on those cartridges are free and clear of any plastic or glue - and are wide open to accept incoming air from the environment.

Sometimes when the sealing tape that covers these breather holes is pulled away, it leaves some residue glue. You can ensure that the breather holes are wide open by piercing through this breather hole with a money clip tip, or a pen, to ensure that it is wide open.

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